Your Tarot Advice

After you have composed your thoughts and requested a tarot reading, you will receive three assistants:

• Mentor
• Message
• Your Homework.

These components are designed to aid you in resolving your dilemma. Respect and use them wisely.

Your Mentor

First, you receive a Mentor card--an image and description of the image. Use this image and the accompanying description to help you succeed.

Use this Partner/Mentor as a perfect teacher epitomizing someone who succeeds in the area in which you need assistance. This is someone who will comfort and inspire you in overcoming this challenging time of your life.

Pay attention, too, to the Caution and Your Mentor’s Special Gift. They’re provided to further help you keep your balance.

For your convenience, we have a printer friendly link at the very bottom of the page. Print your Mentor page; keep it with you. Write letters and talk to this imaginary person who already exists inside you, and ‘listen’ to your mentor’s great advice.

Your Message

Second, you receive a Message card, again, accompanied by an image and a description for the image.

Your Message addresses the question, topic or issue you brought from your past, the present, or future. This information helps you handle the area about which you inquired and tap into your own intuitive guidance.

Print your Message page and keep it with you. Talk to the image provided to sort out your plan of action and its implications. Take this wisdom inside you and listen to the great advice given.

Your Homework - Breakthrough Work

The assignment you receive taps into an unused but eager part of your psyche. Use Your Homework as a foundation and then innovate on it to make life even better for yourself.

Print your Breakthrough Work page and keep it with you. Remember Your Homework and the power you’re tapping into when you do this assignment. This is your own power and ability.






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