Tarot's Use

The ways in which the Great Teacher may be useful are countless. Here are just a few of the areas where Tarot can help:

* Selecting/marketing a house or location
* Choosing/changing a career
* Developing a youngster's intuition
* Creating, recreating, or ending a relationship
* Regaining health
* Enhancing spiritual awareness.

Tarot reveals its wisdom through image, numbers and the stories attached through the centuries to each card.

Tarot cards are an ancient and magical fortune-telling device as well as a Great Teacher perhaps pre-dating the Egyptians. The deck has two parts:

ē Major Arcana--22 cards
ē Minor Arcana--52 cards.

When drawn, Major Arcana cards describe powerful people, or significant issues or resources the inquirer is facing. Minor Arcana cards indicate issues of everyday life.

The four suits in the Minor Arcana are wands--which also are called rods--swords, cups and pentacles or coins. Wands represent the spiritual part of our lives; swords, the intellectual part; cups, the emotional part; and pentacles, the material or monetary part.

Each card has a number and picture on it. The cards are placed in an arrangement, called a throw. Each position in the throw, the cardís number and picture on the card have meaning.

The overall message comes by combining the positionís meaning with the cardís number, suit, and the symbols in the picture.

The Barbareck-Owings Tarot

The Mentor, Message and Homework each inquirer receives results from years of study and a wonderful collaboration with between Suzann and her dear friend, Bonnie Barbareck, whom Suzann says is probably one of the most intuitive people she knows.

Their interpretation of the Tarot is more contemporary and has a decided relationship orientation because they believe everything in life is about relationships--relationships with others and with ourselves--regardless of the setting. When business dealings fail or succeed, it is because of relationships. The same is true of health, politics, sex, even one’s spiritual connection, everything.

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