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Appointment Schedule

Through this website, you can request to schedule any of the three kinds of meetings with Suzann:

* Individual readings over the telephone,
* Conference calls over the telephone,
* Group readings and tours.

All of her services require scheduling ahead of time.

Each consultation is based on the client's questions. Before the scheduled appointment, Suzann asks her client to write a 'shopping list' that will help define areas of specific interest. Suzann has found that the more specific the inquirer's questions, the more specific are her answers.

Questions may be on health, career, relationships, investments, anything. While Suzann says that she's lousy at finding lost objects, her clients say that she's even good at that.

During the consultation, Suzann’s client may add or delete questions on that initial list. The list acts as a reminder and helps the client determine how much time should be spent on individual issues. The client sets the pace during their session.

To contact Suzann for details on the cost for these services, please telephone, 505-867-0567, or click Contact Us.

Individual Readings

Because a person's confusion may be based on difficulty in a single area around a single issue, Suzann provides "decision-maker" consultations. The decision-maker is one single question. Acting wisely, the inquirer will make certain it is an open-ended, maybe even compound-complex question asking "what," "how" or "why" rather than a yes-no question.

The goal of a decision-maker is to break open the log-jam and spring the inquirer out of the Realm of Questions and back into knowingness so the issue can be resolved.

More frequently, Suzann's scheduled individual consultations are for one half-hour or one hour over the telephone. Unlike the decision-maker, a scheduled consultation is recorded. Immediately after the consultation, Suzann sends the recording to the inquirer. Upon its receipt, Suzann's copy is deleted.

Group Readings

Suzann enjoys the group setting and is awed by the apparently magical process available in groups. When group members ask seemingly personal questions, very often one person's question or answer will be reverberate throughout the group. All those present feel a resonance and the perfection of the group's membership oftentimes becomes apparent.

Business groups use Suzann's talents to assist in strengthening business plans and strategic analyses, sharpen client assessments and marketing designs, and critique promotional or organizational plans.

In all cases, Suzann asks that the environment be drug and alcohol free, and that the participants develop lists of questions. Once again, the more specific the client's questions, the more specific, Suzann finds, are her answers.

Group consultations may be scheduled minimally for one hour and may be arranged to continue over several days. Suzann's groups range in size from large (30-500) to small (8-30); and may have a social, spiritual or business intention. Small groups may be held in homes or offices; Larger groups in auditoriums or meeting centers.

Group organizers may record the session, with the permission of the participants.

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Training and Workshops

Suzann provides training and workshops to meet participants' needs and interests. The training or workshop may be specifically designed to meet the needs of one person or group, or may be topically designed and open to people who may not know each other. These structured groups can have one or several goals:

• Clarify personal and work goals,

• Enhance personal and organizational effectiveness,

• Explore life's dilemmas and opportunities,

• Develop the ability to recognize the intuitive or sacred.

Suzann's always available for a new topic and new opportunity to explore life with a group of interested people.




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