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How Suzann's Readings Work

Whether termed psychic readings, intuitive counseling or extraordinary strategic planning sessions, over the years, several characteristics have proven to Suzann to be true of her work:

1. It’s not telepathy.
2. The messages come from an ‘independent information source.’
3. They include information for all those who access them.
4. They are ‘causal.’
5. They are tailored to the participants.

While Suzann sometimes is telepathic, telepathy would be limited to the knowledge of the inquirer, and Suzann's answers aren't limited in that way. When doing her psychic readings, she draws on a different source. Her answers very often include information the inquirer does not know, or may contradict the inquirer's understanding of a situation.


The answers always are causal and appropriate to those who have access to the reading. 'Causal' means that the words Suzann uses cause thinking and behavior to change for the inquirer's betterment.

Here's an example. Suzann consulted with a woman concerned about her aging father's health. At the end of the session, the woman scooped up her young children and drove two hours to her father's house. He died that night. Later she relayed that had Suzann told her that her father would die, she probably would have been immobilized with grief. Instead, something in Suzann's wording empowered her to grab her children and race to her father.

Suzann recalls the language she "received" for the woman's reading were very inflexible and precise. The reading required Suzann to use and repeat an awkwardly phrased sentence, which she delivered to the woman and the woman later identified as one of the keys that encouraged her urgent journey to her father's house.


Suzann believes her readings are always subjectively correct for the inquirer, regardless of whether they prove objectively correct or incorrect.

 ‘Objectively correct’ answers are verifiable--right or wrong in our right-or-wrong world.  Did the stock price increase ten percent at the end of the prescribed period of time?  Yes or no?

‘Subjectively correct’ means that the inquirer is helped toward her or his highest good.  Sometimes this aid is remarkably obscure until after the fact.

What if a piece of information appears wrong in our objective world, but results in the person achieving just what was requested in a way that proves far more satisfactory?  Suzann says she finds the causal and subjective issues far more intriguing than the objective, but also loves being proven right in our right-or-wrong world.

Odd experiences such as the woman with the dying father have kept Suzann very interested in this curious process since 1976.

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