Intuitive Counsel
Suzann's Range and Process


Suzann's Intuitive Counsel provides information to assist each inquirer reach that person's highest good, especially during difficult times, and guidance to help retain the good times.

Each consultation is based on the client’s questions. Before the scheduled appointment, Suzann asks her client to write a ‘shopping list?that will help define areas of specific interest. Suzann has found that the more specific the inquirer’s questions, the more specific are her answers.

Questions may be on health, career, relationships, investments, anything. While Suzann says that she's lousy at finding lost objects, her clients say that she's even good at that.

During the consultation, Suzann’s client may add or delete questions on that initial list. The list simply acts as a reminder to the client and allows the client to determine how much time should be spent on individual issues. The client sets the pace during their session.

Realm of Answers

Suzann believes she taps into what she calls 'The Realm of Answers.' The Realm of Answers has no questions, just lots of information and a sense of fulfillment. She needs the inquirer's questions for the answers to coalesce.

Parallel and yet opposite of The Realm of Answers is the Realm of Questions where we sometimes get stuck. Being stuck in the Realm of Questions usually is the reason people contact Suzann. The Realm of Questions is filled with confusion.

Here are some of the 'echos' that reverberate in the Realm of Questions: What should I do? Why is s/he behaving like this? How can I change this situation? Start there to develop to develop a shopping list of difficulties you would like resolved.

The Reading Process

During her consultations, once Suzann shifts her focus to the Realm of Answers, she and those around her often are buoyed and unable to remember the difficulties they meant to resolve. The shopping list of questions becomes very useful as a checklist to remind Suzann as well as her client of their reasons for meeting.

At the end of her individual consultations, Suzann draws deeply from the Realm of Answers and provides a closing insight that either summarizes the gist of the reading or discloses additional information the client may yet require but had not thought to request.

Individual readings are recorded for the benefit of the client who receives the recording immediately after the consultation. When the client acknowledges receipt of the recording, Suzann destroys her copy

Group Readings

Suzann’s groups range from large (30-500) to small (10-30) in size; and social, spiritual or business in intention. Small groups may be held in homes or offices; Larger groups in auditoriums or meeting centers.

In all cases, Suzann asks that the environment be drug and alcohol free, and that the participants develop lists of questions. She then works with her clients to achieve their highest goals. The more specific the client’s questions, the more specific, Suzann finds, are her answers.

When group members ask personal questions, very often one person’s question or answer will be echoed around the room. All those present feel a resonance and the perfection of the group’s membership becomes apparent.

Business groups often use Suzann’s talents to assist in strengthening business plans and strategic analyses, sharpen client assessments and marketing designs, and critique promotional or organizational plans.

Group organizers may record the session, with the permission of the participants.

Training and Workshops

Suzann provides training and workshops in one-of and serial formats to meet participants?needs and interests in several ways, including the following:

?Develop the ability to recognize the intuitive or sacred,
?Explore life’s dilemmas and opportunities,
?Enhance personal and organizational effectiveness,
?Clarify personal and work goals.

She’s always available for a new topic and new opportunity to explore life with a group of interested people.




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