Dear Dr. O - The Column

Combine personal, individualized counsel with cosmic insight and you have the Dear Dr. O columns.

The psychically derived answers Suzann gives her clients are tailored to the questions asked and yet contain information for anyone who later hears or reads the message.

In this way her columns differ from Dear Abby’s common sense. The answers Suzann gets while in this altered state may include common sense, but that is not their source, unless we redefine ‘common sense.’

Column Sampler - Dear Dr. O

Dear Dr. O,
I’m 25 years old and have no idea what I want to do as a career.

I got laid off and have been living off my credit cards. I have a sizeable debt and getting scared. What should I do? How do I find a job to earn enough money to cover my expenses and take me in the best direction? --Frustrated

Dear Frustrated,
A huge blockage limits you, which is a good thing. You must learn to navigate where you are before taking on bigger challenges. Start with the debt and an abrupt lifestyle change.

Step 1: Get a job, any job.
Step 2: Make a budget that fits the income from that job. Take roommates, or become a roommate.
Step 3: Make arrangements, negotiate the debt, threaten bankruptcy, and re-pay what you owe.
Step 4: Cut up your credit cards and vow never to use them, unless you have 6 months income in the bank, free and clear.
Step 5: Keep to your budget and hang on to your job.

While keeping your life-line job begin the rest of your life, which should be about color, texture and fabric. You’re an artist, perhaps more importantly, an artisan. Your craft must produce useful beauty.

Keep your “day job” to pay the bills, then find the right fit for learning and applying your craft, but only after you’ve handled the other pressures. Keep a clear (guilt-free) head for the work you’re meant to do. Best to you.

Dear Dr. O,
A pal of mine phones me in the middle of the night to complain about his girlfriend. While I am worried about him, my wife and I need our sleep. His name’s Pete and his girlfriend is Marie. What do I do? --Sleepless Pal

Dear Sleepless Pal,
Staying out of the mess would’ve been your best choice, but I think it's too late for that. Your friend Pete desperately needs a girlfriend, but isn't really connected to Marie.

The issue isn't fidelity--Pete's faithful--but he loves her because she meets his needs, not because of her soul or who she is. Marie needs to be loved for herself, her soul, as a person.

If he wants to keep her, he must convince her that he loves only her. Then he’ll have to find out who she is so he can pull it off. Best of luck.

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