Astro Tarot

Astro Tarot

Suzann's weekly and monthly newspaper/magazine column 'Astro-Tarot' combines intuition, tarot cards and astrology to find the best way for readers to handle the challenges and opportunities in their lives.

In the weekly and monthly columns, Suzann gives an intuitive overview of the upcoming period and then uses her intuition and many years of study to interpret the tarot's suggestions for each sign of the zodiac during that month or week.

In a year's cycle, Suzann uses her intuition to identify upcoming challenges during the year. She then uses her intuition and the tarot to identify the gifts and challenges most available to all of us during the month of each astrological sign.

The following is Suzann's Astro-Tarot advice for 2013-14

Astro Tarot – 2013-14  Your tarot card prediction follows an intuitive message about the best way to handle situations during the second half of 2013 and the beginning of 2014.

2013 – This year began with a wallop but will end with purring of pleasure and satisfaction.

Our major shift will occur in July, as we move out of Cancer and into Leo. As Leo passes, there will be the inevitable Virgo tightening up as we prepare for winter. Emotionally, the rest of autumn will be smooth and gentle, even Scorpio will be mild. The weather will be an entirely different matter.

Scorpio (O 23-N 21)  Although completely prepared to proceed, you need to pause and make one adjustment . Use your magical gifts to prepare your spirit for this change by releasing the past. (pentacles, knight, reversed)

Sagittarius (N 22-D 21) Appreciate your friends and the support they give you as you move into the more mature stages of your relationships. Plan to share your deepening vision with those you love. (cups, 3, reverse)

2014 – While last year came in like a lion and left like a lamb, 2014 will ease in and gather steam. This is the second half of two overlapping 4-year cycles beginning in 2008.

Remember the 'ounce of prevention' aphorism? Here's your ameliorating remedy—Get enough rest, eat properly, and remember to include exercise. Little else will help for the following two intense periods:

• Pisces should present a brief but intensely insane time for all of us.
• Virgo-Scorpio presents a longer, three-month upheaval that will be equally intense.

The remainder of the year should be pleasant and manageable. The weather is a different reading, which could be intriguing.

Capricorn (D 22-Ja. 19) This is a great time for structuring your life and organizing your time. To feel better and achieve more, you also need the gifts that come from developing personal traditions. (The Hierophant, 5)

Aquarius (Ja. 20-F 18) Struggle with the material world distracts you from your vision. Pay attention to the demands being made of you, breathe, refocus, create compromises, and work your way to your goal with renewed clarity and joy. (wands, 5)

Pisces (F 19-Mr. 20) Your capacity for warmth, generosity, and productivity increase daily. Keep up the good work and remember to look inside yourself for your guidance. Soon others will recognize and celebrate with you. (The Empress, 3, reversed)

Aries (Mr. 21-Ap. 19) You're looking at your choices and aren't sure you want to face the truth. Only honesty can set you free. Drop the panic and 'shoulds' to become your own ideal person. (swords, 5, reversed)

Taurus (Ap. 20-My. 20) Zippity do da. Everything looks pretty great. You feel your own value now. While the world has remained the same, you're been improving. You can best help others by being the best YOU. (The World, 21, reversed)

Gemini (My. 21-Je. 20) Time to re-think what will make you happy. Clinging to lofty ideals and demanding perfection just seem to create more problems and fail to improve your quality of life or insulate you from vulnerability. Let's try a different course. (swords, queen, reversed)

Cancer (Je. 21-Jl. 22)  You want to retreat into denial, which you say will protect others, but you know better and ARE better than that. Recognize and release your habit of avoiding confrontation. Confess to your part in the problem, so it can be solved. (swords, 8)

Leo (Jl. 23-Ag. 22)  You possess amazing, far-reaching gifts. Plan how to use your superb imagination to create and sell the 'better mousetrap.' Use this time to discover or enhance your leadership skills to ensure your success. (wands, king, reversed)

Virgo (Ag. 23-S 22)  While you're moving to a new way of thinking about things, you're still looking backwards. To make this work, focus on the present and look towards the future. (swords, 7, reversed)

Libra (S 23-O 22)  You're doing an excellent job of using your intuition to guide your actions. Keep doing what you're doing. You're on a highly creative track for happiness. (Temperance, 14, reversed)

Scorpio (O 23-N 21) Use diplomacy and wit, maybe even guile and humor, to get out of the old pattern you're stuck in. You think you've tried everything. Here's a hint—bullies often are people who have been bullied and flipped the issue, but didn't change the pattern of isolation remaining 'bullied' or 'bully.' Instead they need the new pattern of participant, humanitarian, joy-giver, partner. You know where you want to go, to make your shift, stick to your new vision, move away from your past's false visions and illusions. This will feel odd, but it's necessary. (swords, 7)

Sagittarius (N 22-D 21) Life feels upside-down and your feelings are correct. The problem is a 'which came first' dilemma. Is your apprehension choking your creativity or your choked creativity making you feel apprehensive and upside-down? The situation's temporary but the gift you take from the experience may be permanent. Consider giving up your fears and jumping into some new profitable ventures. (pentacles, 4, reversed)

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