At this point in time, you need a teacher who knows about innocence and fun. Your troubles have become too overwhelming. This is not a time for worrying, and this Mentor will teach you how to let go and trust blindly.

Some examples of this kind of person include the roles of carefree people as portrayed by Gene Wilder, Lily Tomlin, Robin Williams, Red Skelton and Danny DeVito. This type of person never harbors anger or resentment--just operates in the now.

This Mentor is free in spirit, completely fearless, loves life, loves the world. This Mentor has no attachments, but loves everyone equally.

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Getting in Touch with Your Mentor

To get the "feel" of the Mentor's energy, try skipping for just a bit. Remember when you were young and skipping was just the perfect way to get from one place to another?

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Because this Mentor is without fear, sometimes trouble results from this person's spontaneous willingness to do anything without thinking of the consequences.

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Your Mentor's Special Gift to You

This Mentor comes to help you overcome your fear, to help make you more flexible and spontaneous in your journey. This Mentor lives in complete joy and will help you to learn to be in "joy." Receiving this person as a Mentor is a sign that you need to relax--stop trying to figure it out! Take it one day, one breath at a time.

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The phrase "The World is Your Oyster" should come to mind. Absolutely everything and anything is possible. You can "be, do and have it all" as some folks would say. If it doesn't look that way to you, open your eyes to all the options you've yet to explore.

You now may draw upon all the wisdom and strength of the ages to create something wonderful and empowering. You are operating on your highest order of love, compassion, wisdom, instinct and strength. This is a culminating time for you and your vision. Now is when you make it real. Everything is available to you. As you listen and know, understanding, you can create anything you wish.

Imagine the fans' picture of Michael Jordan who lets nothing deter him. When he can't play basketball, he's succeeding at baseball, advertising or training. To his public he is the picture of perfection--healthy, capable, smart, humorous, gracious and generous. Now is your time to take advantage of all your possible options.

Remember that in gentleness, there is strength. This is a time for just such mind-boggling contradictions. This is your time of gentleness and strength, wisdom and innocence, rigid flexibility, hunger and satiation, elegance and the power of the beast.

This really is a culminating time of majesty where the best may be manifest. You are operating in such an elevated place that the petty invalidators are invisible. You can embrace all of your possibilities and have everything you ever wanted. All you have to do is be available.


Beware of being too narrow or parochial. Don't let pettiness or selfishness derail you.

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You will need to tape record this journey, but can pause as often and as long as you like. This will be a journey you will want to repeatedly savor. Here is the script you will record:

I am safe and comfortable. Safe. Comfortable. I am looking for the best resolution to the situation I now consider a problem. I know a solution can be found.

I stand in front of a great and ancient castle. I cross the moat by walking across the wide, sturdy wodden drawbridge to a human-sized door within an enormous gate door. The castle looks very ancient, massive, enormous. I look beside me and am very glad that I have a friend with me. (Allow yourself to mentally welcome whatever friend shows up there. Don't try to manipulate it, just allow an ally to appear.)

I grasp the heavy iron knocker and pound on the door. Eventually a small viewing window opens. I see only the eyes and top of the insider’s white haired head. The insider asks what I want. I tell him that I want a resolution to the problem so that my highest good and that of my colleagues is served.

The insider asks what price I am willing to pay for admittance to the Castle of Answers. I tell him that I am willing to sacrifice Distrust and Meanness which the insider tells me is exactly the price of our admittance. I take two coins and throw them into the moat and we are admitted.

Inside I realize the ways in which the current situation which I saw as a problem really is an opportunity. Now I see how my highest good is being served.

Contented, I return to consciousness feeling better prepared for my life and grateful for my friend's companionship.

You may expand your journey, but just remember to close your journey with a sense of awareness, contentedness and preparedness.

Later, when you are relaxed and seated, play it back to yourself, eyes closed. Learn from yourself.


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