At this point in time, you need a teacher who knows about innocence and fun. Your troubles have become too overwhelming. This is not a time for worrying, and this Mentor will teach you how to let go and trust blindly.

Some examples of this kind of person include the roles of carefree people as portrayed by Gene Wilder, Lily Tomlin, Robin Williams, Red Skelton and Danny DeVito. This type of person never harbors anger or resentment--just operates in the now.

This Mentor is free in spirit, completely fearless, loves life, loves the world. This Mentor has no attachments, but loves everyone equally.

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Getting in Touch with Your Mentor

To get the "feel" of the Mentor's energy, try skipping for just a bit. Remember when you were young and skipping was just the perfect way to get from one place to another?

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Because this Mentor is without fear, sometimes trouble results from this person's spontaneous willingness to do anything without thinking of the consequences.

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Your Mentor's Special Gift to You

This Mentor comes to help you overcome your fear, to help make you more flexible and spontaneous in your journey. This Mentor lives in complete joy and will help you to learn to be in "joy." Receiving this person as a Mentor is a sign that you need to relax--stop trying to figure it out! Take it one day, one breath at a time.

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You are on the right path and have accomplished a tremendous amount, but at a tremendous price. You have harnessed a enormous energy which needs to be released in a thoughtful manner.

This is similar to being an adolescent, given a rite of passage into adulthood, but not yet the ticket for admission to the game of adulthood. Before that next important step, you must handle your more primal feelings from your youth: rage, fear and lust. Your habitual denial of these feelings has stopped your progress.

The public personae of Janet Reno and Susan B. Anthony typify those who have harnessed their primal feelings and focused them for accomplishment. 

You are encouraged to embrace all parts of who you are. Now you must learn to trust your ability to channel all that wonderful energy toward the perfect relationship. This is a call for you to own your feelings, without fear of overwhelm, trusting your inner wisdom to show you the path to clarity.


The main caution here is to beware of too much rigidity. This can show up as befuddlement around gender preference, or attracting brutality and abuse into your life. Look for compatible tastes and avoid psychological rigidity.

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You will need to tape record this journey, but can pause as often and as long as you like. This will be a journey you will want to repeatedly savor. Here is the script you will record:

I am safe and comfortable. Safe. Comfortable. I am looking for a change in my life. I know change will be good for me.

The journey begins on the shore of a great bay. Small wavelets lap on the shore. I look out across the bay onto the sea beyond. Unobstructed, I feel I can see to the end of the world. The weather’s perfect--sunny, but not too brilliant and not too hot or cold, just right. High whispy clouds make for a perfect day.

A young child comes up behind me as I'm staring out to sea. The child asks who’s come wanting change to improve a life. I am stunned but answer that I want this change to improve my life.

The child takes me by the hand and leads me to a large row boat, and directs me to enter. An old fisherman in a slicker and rain hat sits in the boat’s bow; I sit in the middle; the child sits in the stern of the boat.

As if propelled by a silent motor, the boat leaves the shore and moves into the bay. The sky is becoming cloudy. The further out we go, the choppier become the waves and the darker the sky. The child asks if I still want change. I say that I do and wonder what this has to do with the boat or the darkening sky.

Soon I am becoming frightened, buffetted about in the boat by ever larger waves. The fisherman looks worried. The child is soaked through by the waves and must yell for me to hear above the mounting storm. The child asks why I want a change to improve my life.

Huge waves are coming at us now; the sky is black; the fisherman is shaking his head. Things are not going well in this storm. We all seem afraid.

I answer. The skies clear. We safetly return to the shore. The child looks at me and I know that something needs to change, but the change needs to occur in me rather than in the world.

Contented, I return to consciousness feeling fully challenged by my journey to my ideal relationship.

You may expand your journey, but just remember to close your journey with a sense of awareness, contentedness and preparedness.

Later, when you are relaxed and seated, play it back to yourself, eyes closed. Learn from yourself.


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