This Mentor teaches about power: financial, material, psychological or political power. He is in complete control at all times, and is very skilled at controlling everyone around him. He accomplishes everything he sets out to achieve with single-minded and clear, focused detachment.

Some examples of this masculine powerhouse--one who always gets what he wants--are the public personae of Bill Clinton, Sean Connery, Michael Douglas, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The characters they portray in public are determined, successful, multifaceted, and even ruthless in accomplishing their goals.

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Getting in Touch with Your Mentor

Write in incredible detail every facet of what you want in your ideal relationship--every detail. Then, review it daily. Add and subtract features of the description but relentlessly pursue what you want.

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This Mentor is ruthless--often heartless--but always successful in getting what he wants. When you design what you want, make sure your heart and the hearts of the others in your goal relationship are made joyful by what you will attain.

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Your Mentor's Special Gift to You

Your Mentor will teach you to be assertive, to set boundaries to succeed in your world, create partnerships, never to be a "door-mat." He will teach you to value yourself, to have confidence in yourself, and to get what you want--on your terms. Receiving this Mentor helps you to stand up for yourself! Never compromise! Define what you want and go get it!

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You Message - Justice

Justice is at work at this time. It's beyond your control. This Message is a call to balance. Success for you requires balance on all levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

By getting this Message, you are being alerted that your current situation, or your current idea of the situation, is out of balance. You need to spend some time considering what you're are holding back. True justice creates balance when it's missing.

"Get right with life." Make sure you are on the right side of justice which will be dispensed in the fullness of its time. If you are the one who may receive a punishment for unjust acts, make amends now before they are made for you. Get clean and straight.

This is a powerful message. Remember the Biblical story of King Solomon? Two women fiercely claimed to be an infant child’s mother. Faced with the need to decide custody, King Solomon said that with his sword he would divide the child so each woman would get half of the child. When one mother relinquished her claim, the king knew the true mother.

Only the true mother would choose the child’s life over her own desire to possess the child. In this way, King Solomon had the truth, the true mother her child, and the child had life with a mother who was willing to sacrifice everything for that child’s welfare.

Similarly, your path requires openness, honesty and trust. Everything will take care of itself. Your best attitude is to get/stay honest without manipulation.

Have faith in the rightness of the Universe. When all is balanced, with appropriate emphasis on the physical, the spiritual, and the material, you will feel harmonious again.


There are no perfect people. This is a process. Don't judge yourself too harshly.

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Rituals are immensely powerful and used throughout our public and personal lives. We may joke about the ritualized aspects of our readying for work in the morning but there is a powerful quality to rituals that cannot be denied. We use them for every important time of our lives. So, we invite you to use that power in your journey.

A ritual has four elements:

  1. It must have a goal.

  2. The act of a ritual must have time and space boundaries, occur during a specific length of time, perhaps from the time you say “begin” until you say “end,” and occur in a specific location, perhaps in a garden bounded by four stones.

  3. A ritual must have a beginning, middle and end.

  4. The ritual must include a physical activity.

All of our rituals follow these four rules. Think of a marriage ceremony, a funeral, the swearing in of officials, the school year, a religious activity. Your ritual’s goal is to strip away all impediments to your wonderful relationship.

We want you to include in your ritual a "Letting Go" and an "Acquisition" activity. Your Letting Go activity may be simply writing the source of your resentment on a piece of paper and then burning the paper, letting the cooled ashes blow away in the wind.

Your Acquisition activity may be in tying a green string around your wrist to remind you that you now have released the impediments to your wonderful relationship.

Before beginning your ritual, you decide its elements.


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