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The Good Mother
Dru sat bolt upright, coming awake as she put her feet on the floor. She listened to the familiar sounds of her house. Her husband೮oring hadn͊ awakened her, but worry about her youngest daughter had. Dru௬der daughters had taken the eight-year-old to the family࣡mp in the mountains. Dru dressed and left the house knowing her baby was in trouble.

As Dru drove toward the camp from town, she called her daughters on the CB radio. The girls answered that they were driving to the local hospital. The youngest girl had slipped on the trail and cracked her head. Dru met them at the hospital.

As a young girl 鮤aer shared her insights with anyone. Like many talented people, she didn't know she was different.

In 1963, Linda was sixteen years old and living in Los Angeles. Weekday mornings, her mother roused the house using an intercom. As Linda readied for school at five-thirty in the morning, an announcement interrupted the 塵tiful music西mother usually played on the intercom. John F. Kennedy had been assassinated in Dallas. Linda was horrified.

At breakfast, no one in her family mentioned the President being killed. Feeling sad and not knowing what to say, Linda too remained quiet about the terrible news. No one spoke to her about the Presidentथath on the school bus or in her morning classes. She attributed this silence to everyoneೡdness about the tragedy.

Five hours after Linda heard the announcement, while in class, her teacher received a note, began to weep and then quietly announced to the students that President Kennedy had just been shot.

Again, Linda was stunned. She asked a classmate, 蹠are they just now announcing it? That happened early this morning.쩮da received a blank stare from her classmate. Now, over forty years later, Linda still does not understand what happened.

Respect your Gut
ﳥ衳 a story with which many people can identify. She was excited about her new job and new boss. She had heard excellent things about this remarkable manࡢilities and commitment to the community. Inexplicably, when she met him, she became agitated--she did not like him.

For a year, Rose worked hard for him and tried to like the man, but felt continually repulsed by him. A short time after she changed jobs and supervisors, the man died in a DWI accident.

After his death, Rose got her explanation. The man had been leading a double life--righteous by day and predatory by night.

She had sensed the dishonesty in the man, whom she had no rational reason to distrust. She had just tapped into her intuition, which told her he was untrustworthy.

The Psychic Geologist
Ჯl,ᠰrofessional psychic, is accustomed to 奩ng宵sual information in her head but was surprised by the objective validations her vision received when she met with a large group of women in a small community in a foreign country.

One of the older women in the group asked Carol if the area in which the group members lived had any special healing qualities and if so, why. Carol answered that the area did have extraordinary healing qualities because it surrounded by an enormous crystalline formation.

She described a network of caves riddled with crystalline growths. To Carol the formation looked like a spine of amethysts along the center of the region. She took out a paper and pencil, sketched a map of the region and then drew a subterranean ridge for the crystalline formation down the map୩ddle.

When Carol finished her explanation, several of the women chimed in that, indeed, there was a crystal formation just as Carol mapped it. These women told stories of amethysts bubbling out of springs along the region͊ midsection.

A week after the meeting, one of the women from the group went to the nearby university to see a geology professor. She asked about and he confirmed the crystalline structure in the region. From a book he showed her a map that identified the area൮usual formation. The woman pulled out Carolਡnd-drawn map. They matched.

The Psychic Physician
Several years ago, a new client in her late twenties came to Carol with a malady her physician had been unable to diagnose. The young woman had serious symptoms: excruciating pain throughout her body, and rapid weight and hair loss. She could not sleep or relax, and came to Carol as a last resort. Carol looked at the woman, saw brittle bones and ﴿the word ᬣium.좿
Carol told the young woman she had a serious calcium deficiency, and should contact her physician, have her blood checked and start taking calcium supplements.

The next day, the young woman went to her physician and asked him to check her for a calcium deficiency. The physician reluctantly complied.

When the results returned, he apologized to her. Because the woman was so young, he had never considered checking for a calcium deficiency, which was her malady. With the physicianਥlp, the young woman started taking calcium supplements, revamped her diet and recovered.

The Good Brother
宲y衿a growing apprehension for his brother, George, who lived quite a distance from Henry. Henry felt Georgeਯuse somehow was a physical threat to George and his family.

As time passed, Henry࡮xious feelings for George's safety grew. Henry rallied his mother, and other brothers and sisters to pressure George to move. Finally, George moved his family.

The next night, a huge tree in the front yard of George's former house fell, collapsing the vacant house. George's entire family would have been killed, had they continued living in the house.

The Dream

Dear Suzann,

Thank you so much for taking time to talk to me. Itயt often I can have a conversation with someone who believes as I do. I thought I৿over what I shared with you in a little more detail regarding my first experience with this phenomenon.

You may use this in your newsletter, I ask that you use my pen name ( an anagram, Edna Marione) in lieu of my real name. If you like I shall write and share with you and others some of the other experiences I have had.

Edwina M. Marino

On a Sunday morning in March of 1963 I awakened from a dream. At the time it felt more like a nightmare, but the feeling was so intense that I had to talk to someone about it. I called my mother who quickly knew I was very upset. I told her I had had a horrible dream. Trying to console me, she said 嬿me about itӯ, I told her the following:

लeamed that I was standing at the foot of a metal bed and was hanging on for dear life from the pain and sorrow I was feeling. The mattress was black and white striping, the body was not identifiable, except for the fact that the face was swollen. I couldnഥll if it was male or female, just that it was so swollen and all that I could cry out was 謠my God, how swollenɠwas crying.

Then the dream changed and Iਡving a terrible argument with my brother and he is very angry with me 䨥n I woke up.ⲿ
蠨oney, it was just a dream, and you must remember that you have been ill೨e said. ﵒve had a nightmare, it will pass, we all have them you know, itயthing to get so upset about. We堦ine. Your dad is out on the patio and your sister and I are having coffee. We堪ust fine here, so don෯rry over a dream, just take care of yourself. You堢een sick; just concentrate on being well and out of the hospital.좿
After that bit of positive reinforcement, I felt better so I got dressed and decided to join my best friend for lunch at her motherଡter on that day.
It was a beautiful day and my friend and I and her family visited and laughed, but each time there was a lull in the conversation, the dream would come back to me and I೴art to feel queasy again.

At one point when we were laughing at something someone said, I heard a little whisper in my ear ᫿care of mama༢r>
謠Godɠthought, here I go again.

This time I just had to get out and away so I made some excuse that I needed to rest and went home to my apartment. I was really disturbed. I thought it might be hallucinations from the medication I had been taking, so I calmed myself down and thought, 衿has to be it.鴒s the medication.

The next day I returned to work. I had been home for two weeks after being in the hospital, so it was a blessing that I could now concentrate on something else other than the dream.

That day, from time to time, I would get the feeling in the pit of my stomach, but I೨oo it away with 䒿just a dream, a nightmaret quitting time I ran for my bus and went home, which was in Alhambra just outside Los Angeles.

I was just putting the key into the door of my apartment when I heard the phone ring. It sounded shrill and demanding so I ran in and picked it up leaving the door open. It was my sister telling me to get down to the emergency room at the hospital that it was dad.

I hung up and ran out the door and was going down the walk when my neighbor was just returning home from work. She asked me what was wrong and I told her, so she said she would take me to the hospital.

As I ran into the emergency section of the hospital, a doctor friend of mine saw me and knowing why I was coming there, took me by the arm and said, ⬿take you to the family.좿
Mother was sitting on a bench right outside the door and as I passed in front of her, she took my hand and said, 孥mber your dream, remember your dream.稡t dream?

I couldnനink. I just pushed open the door and walked in and, there in front of me was the bed with the black and white mattress cover. I grabbed on to the foot of the bed and all I could say was 蠭y God, how swollen.좿
O.K., now having a dream or nightmare like that come true, I felt I was home free. Now I knew why I had had the dream. I forgot about the second part.

The next day I went back to work, but I told my boss what had happened and that I might have to leave work if I got further news that warranted my leaving. The morning progressed as usual. I was strangely calm and at 11:30 a.m., one of my girlfriends and I went to have lunch. After I had eaten I reached for my cup of coffee, then noticed that my coffee had cream in it so I asked her if she had put cream in my coffee. She said no.
I then asked her if she had seen me put the cream in my coffee, she said no.

All of a sudden I knew that my dad was gone. I told my friend, നink my dad has just diedᮿI ran out of the restaurant down the street to the bank. I called home and my sister told me that she had just gotten the news from mother and my elder sister that he had passed away just a few minutes after twelve. I still cry remembering it.

I took the rest of the week off to help with the arrangements as his family would be flying in from all over for his burial. And it was at this time that the second part of the dream kicked in.

We siblings and mother were sitting around the table after having eaten lunch and I mentioned to them that I thought it would be a good idea if we all pitched in for a blanket of flowers for his casket.

My brother jumped up just furious with me for having suggested it and reminding me that it would be a military funeral and a blanket of flowers would not be needed. I snapped back that at the burial the flag would be given to mother and the flowers would remain at the gravesite.

He was so angry with me he stormed out saying I had no regard for spending other people୯ney. An argument between us ensued and we parted with very hard feelings. After that episode I set about making arrangements for picking up our relatives from the airport and forgot about our argument.

After all was said and done, our emotions spent and our loved ones had returned to their homes, I noticed I didnਡve the pain in my stomach anymore. Calm had been restored and a feeling of peace came over me.

I realized why I had heard ᫿care of mama.頫new that it could only have come from God, the ineffable, that somehow we were a lot more than we know. And, yes, I was the one who did take care of mama and my youngest sister until she graduated school, then got married and she took mama to live with her and her husband. I was now on my own again.

That there is someone who does love us and knows us and leads us if we are willing is absolute truth. That we receive guidance from above is true, even when we don೴op to realize where it is coming from.

I read in 襠Book of Thomas,稩ch is not in the New Testament, where Jesus was asked ﷠does God speak to us?ᮿJesus⥳ponse is 堿 speaks to us through the mind.頢elieve that. For where else could our thoughts come from?

I do not mean that all thoughts come from the unknowable one, for there is also the thought from ﷥r man,稩ch is our own baser instinct, the key is to know the difference.

God would not have us injure anyone else, for we are all connected. The very energy that moves us also moves everyone else. So, to inflict harm on another is to use our energy against itself, for we all get our energy from the same source.

Thank you, Edwina. This is a wonderful addition to our collection. Edwina has other remarkable stories I hope she will share.

Sixth Sense Stories

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