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Saturday, August 18, 2018
"Today should be your "grateful" day. Say "thank you" to the newspaper, to the car door, to the shoes you’re wearing. Say "thank you" to the copy machine and, oh, to yourself. That should keep you smiling all day long."



This website began solely to house the free tarot readings available by clicking on Tarot. Now it provides considerably more:

  • Intuitive Counsel - Contact professional psychic Suzann Owings, learn about her intuitive consultations and access links to other good resources.
  • Sixth Sense Stories - Discover how else you may use your intuition. Contribute your own stories by clicking Contact us. We'll consult with you before posting your written account.
  • Tarot - Receive a Mentor, Message and Your Homework to aid you achieve your highest good
  • Media - Enjoy samples of Suzannà´·o newspaper columns and radio program--å¡¿Dr. O財dio and newspaper) and ã´²o-Tarot讥wspaper).
  • The Humm - Share in events worldwide through Suzann஥wsletters.

While your Tarot reading and all other information on this website may be downloaded and printed for your continuing personal use, the site is copyrighted and may not be reprinted for public or commercial use, without Suzann Owingsà·²itten permission.

This siteࢥen designed to give you the support needed to take good care of yourself. Use it well.


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